Grampy's Charity volunteers work hard to raise the profile of recipient organizations and seek creative ways to raise and distribute more revenue. Below are some testimonials from our work with Save the Kid Fund.

becky 2

Our oldest son, PJ, was diagnosed with Autism at 2.5 years old. A few years later, he was also diagnosed with ADHD & anxiety. Many activities children his age would enjoy were difficult for Pj. STK gifted a bike to him this year and it has changed his life! Pj can enjoy bike rides with his best friend and siblings. It has given him a huge confidence boost as Pj had watched his younger brothers tackle riding a bike with ease, when he struggled to make a full rotation.
With his adaptive bike, Pj has found a new sense of freedom and has improved his strength and coordination. We cannot thank Save The Kid for everything they have done for our PJ and our family!! - Becky R


michelle 2

We received our awesome Firefly cart recently through this amazing nonprofit organization with the help of our Over the top Awesome Therapy staff at The Childrens Rehabilitation Center in Ft Myers !! Our little guy is not able to walk or fully crawl yet and this lovely device helps him to independently explore on his own !! He absolutely loves it and we love the wonder and happiness it has given him !! What a blessing our Therapy team and your nonprofit organization is !! Thank you all so very much !! - Michelle L


julie 2

Yesterday, Georgia received her very own adaptive bike thanks to STK. Mr. Frank brought it over after school and her face was just beaming. She hopped right on and we strapped her in. For the first time, she was able to successfully ride around the driveway on a bike with no help. Yo could tell she was just so proud. Needless to say, we have spent all weekend riding around the neighborhood. My daughter is so full of joy and pride. I couldn’t be more thankful for this amazing organization!!!!  - Julie L


vandana 1

A BIG thank you to STK team for Zara's bike. She loves riding it. It was a memorable day for me to see her ride by herself. She was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome on 2/10/16. I still remember that day and how it broke my heart. Having something great happen on 2/10/18 gives me hope that she will overcome other challenges. I am forever grateful to all of you for making my daughter so happy.  - Vandana P


heather 1

My daughter Julianna was given her first bike by Save-the-kid-fund back in June of 2015, and she was just over 3 years old. Never being able to go to a department store and just buy a bike, it was so amazing to see her smile!! Saftey and comfort on a bike with the ability to use it... priceless!!!
Frank Matovack contacted me once again in the fall of 2018, reaching out to me with the certainty that Julianna had outgrown her previous bike, and that he would love to have another made for her..
I was speechless, assuming that most of these organizations gifts are a one time thing..?
I explained to Frank that Julianna recently had growing rods surgically placed, and her needs for a bike had changed. He couldn’t have been more understanding and eager to accommodate to her new situation.
Needless to say... Jules received her 2nd bike today!!!!!!!!
Save-the-kid-fund does such amazing things for children with special needs of all kinds, and brings happiness to EVERYONE involved.
I not only witnessed my 6 year old daughter ride a bike for the first time in over a year, but I saw a room full of adults come together to change a life!
Thank you so much to all that made this possible   - Heather L


caron 1

We can’t thank Frank from Save The Kid Fund enough! Our daughter Amber suffered a stroke in March of 2018 from an previously-unknown GBM tumor that had been growing. After recovering in the hospital for 50 days, she got to go home but still had to recover from the stroke that had severely impaired her left side. She started going to outpatient physical therapy and our physical therapist got us in contact with Frank from Save The Kid Fund. While Amber waited for her new bike (which was on back-order), Frank came by with a temporary bike for her to ride for the summertime, which was so thoughtful! Well, last week, Amber just received her new bike and she absolutely loves it! Amber has gotten so much stronger and will keep getting stronger, in part from riding her bike. What an absolutely AMAZING organization! We honestly cannot thank you enough!!!  - Caron S


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